Orangina - Key visual
For my bachelor project I created a campaign launching Orangina in Denmark.
I learned that Danes love and know Orangina from holidays in France and based upon
this insight I introduced Orangina as "holiday in a bottle"

Orangina - Alternative media in elevator
Click on the elevator to play the animation (with sound)

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Orangina - Alternative media in bus
Foil is placed on windows in public buses

Orangina - Campaign website
Have a virtual holiday on the Orangina campaign site. We created an online hotel where we
use existing internet sites and services to complete the digital holiday experience. Go shopping
via Ebay and sightseeing using Google streetview. Learn french with Google Translate and listen
to live french radio. Use Skype to call your friends back home, send postcards to your friends on
Facebook, choose your own view and experience it in full screen by going out onto the balcony.

Orangina - Facebook
From your virtual holiday on the Orangina campaign site you can send digital postcards to your
friends on Facebook saying "Greetings from my 1 minute holiday"

Orangina - Widget
On the campaign site you can download an Orangina canvas to your desktop and have random
"1 minute holidays" any time

Orangina - Tactical banner ad
A banner saying "Don't worry! You can still have your 1 minute holiday" is showing on news
websites only when addressing problems regarding air trafic and other holiday related issues.
E.g. the recent ash cloud

Orangina - Packaging